Yankee Line
Driven by exceeding passenger expectations

Boston, Massachusetts

370 W. First Street, Boston, MA 02127
(617) 268-8890 | (800) 942-8890

New York City Metro Area
415 Tonnele Avenue, Jersey City, N.J.  07306
(877) 692-8890 

mail@yankeeline.us | Fax: 617-268-6960



Our 46 and 50 passenger coaches with 2 and 2 seating provide WI-FI, satellite radio and T.V with head sets,
leather seating,  extra leg room between seats, tray tables, on-board lavatory, galleys, outlets, seat belts,
optional lounge tables.  56 passenger coaches also available.








Our 21 and 27 Mini-Executive Coaches have 2 and 1 seating, extra  space between seats,
wi-fi,  satellite T.V. & radio, headsets, outlets, tray tables at every seat, galleys, optional lounge
tables, on-board galley.

Executive Mini-Coach



 arm rests, tray tables, extra leg room

 reclining seats


 2&1 seating


21 & 27 passenger executive  mini-coaches

 On-board galleys




Optional Lounge Tables

Reclining Seats

Full Size motorcoach

tray tables a every seat

electrical outlets


seat belts

reclining seats with extra leg room